Transfer Domain to {Or Any Other Registrar} The Smart Way


Hi everyone,

Thought that I would include a simple guide that most of you are not really
familiar with. After you have completed your Flippa auction or selling it
at any other places among the most important thing is how to transfer your
domain to your buyer.

Now there are practically 2 ways:

1) Transfer between account at the same registrar. You can simple ask your
user to give the details at the same registrar to push the domain to their
account or if they don’t have an account their just request for them to
create a new account. alternatively you may want to create it for them as
part of your after sales support. Take note that pushing domain between
accounts of the same registrar is instant.

2) Transfer between different registrar. Now this process may take between
a few hours to a couple of days depending on your registrar.

Note: Registrar A (the registrar where the domain is currently at) and
Registrar B (the new registrar you want to transfer the domain to).

There are several reasons that you may want to transfer the domain but
usually its because you want to keep all of your domains at the same place.
You may also transfer just to benefit the lower renewal fees. This is
because when you transfer your domain to another registrar you will have to
pay a cheaper transfer fee that will also include a year renewal domain
expiry date.

I recently acquired a new domain called

You may want to take note of this domain which I am going to develop
pretty soon.

Now the following are the steps required to transfer the domain to another
registrar where in this case I am using Personally I keep most of
my domains at as the user panel is among the simplest, fastest and
easiest to use. Compare that to lets say Godaddy, I will be wasting my time
to finish a simple procedure due to the heavy interface and countless off
promotion asking you to buy even more.


1) Buy the domain or website. Ask the seller to firstUnlock the domain and send to you the Authority code for the domain. The code will have to be
requested from Registrar A.

2) Go to and input the domain and auth
code. Refer to the image below.

3) Now this is the smart part. Simply said for every transfer or
transaction, usually any business such as Domain Registrar, Web Hosting or
even Theme website will provide promo or coupon code or vouchers from time
to time. Even Flippa provides some credit codes from time to time. In, it is called a coupon code. In this case, just use

Unfortunately, when I was transferring, I coudn’t find any
transfer coupon code. So I decided to use the FREEWHOIS
code which will allow you to get a year of Free Whois privacy.

Also there are several suggestions by if for say you want to buy
any related domain.

4) So now all you need to do is to make the payment. I paid using Paypal
and you will end up at this invoice.

5) So are we finished yet? Almost. Now you need the seller to forward to
you the confirmation email from Registarar B in this case is
Registrar B will send the confirmation email to the administrative email at
the domain’s whois. You will need to click on the confirmation link to
verify that the transaction is valid.

So that would be all, you will need a few hours and up to a max of 1 week
for the domain to transfer. Take note that the seller can still put a stop
to the transfer if they want so you only know that your domain is safe at
your account once you get the email that the domain is at your account.
Login to your account to verify the domain is there.

And that is basically all you need to know about transferring a domain from
Registrar A to Registrar B.

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