Three Tips to Maximize Your Auction Listing When Flipping Websites

If you’re into website flipping or even have the slightest interest in it,you’ve probably heard about, the largest and most popular marketplace today for buying and selling websites. Potential buyers can find almost any type of website here in practically every niche, while sellers can have their websites listed in hopes that a fraction of the thousands of Flippa visitors everyday would take an interest in theirsites. What is Flippa’s strength as a marketplace however, could also be its main drawback for a website seller.

Yes, Flippa is the go-to place for anyone looking to buy a website and that means A LOT of potential buyers. But then again, this also means that a seller would be competing with thousands ofother listings.So how do you get your listing noticed? I’m sure you’ve come across a lot of tips on how you can make your listing stand out, and by all means use all those to your advantage. However, you may have probably overlooked another strategy that can help drive more views to your listing: promoting your sales auction page outside of Flippa. Now the great thing about extending your promotional efforts outside of the marketplace itself is:? You can reach out to the millions of other citizens who would want to have their own websites but don’t know squat about Flippa; and? You can go straight to the people who have a particular interest in thatniche.

That said, here are a few ideas on how you can spread the word on your Flippa sales listing.1. Promote it on your own site.As they say, charity begins at home. And what more convenient and hassle-free way of marketing your auction than by starting on your ownturf? If you are promoting on the same site you are selling, this strategy could be even more effective as you may have regular readers or followers who may like the site so much that yes, they would consider owning it.2. Leave a relevant comment on related websites and blogs.If your site covers a niche on health and fitness for instance, it would beworth your while frequenting other similar blogs, leaving a relevant comment and a link to your auction page, or perhaps, convince the site owner to allow you to contribute a post where you can also put in a link toyour Flippa listing.3. Join internet marketing forums or those related to your niche.While Flippa is a good place to find websites for sale, it certainly isn’t the only one.

Digital Point and Warrior Forum for instance, are two venues where site flippers and internet marketers can often be found, sometimes in search of a good website to buy.Alternately, you can scour for forums which are related to your site.Marketing a website on SUVs, four-wheel vehicles, or the accessories that come with them shouldn’t be too difficult as car owners often “hang-out” informs exchanging maintenance tips. Who knows, you might interest one of them to actually write down those tips and experiences and make money on the side.Let me close this post by leaving a word to the wise. Other than just submitting relevant responses when participating in forums or leaving comments, it’s best to always level with the site owner or forum members that you have a site being auctioned and you would be leaving a link to the sales page in case they would care to check it out. Some may not take kindly to this, but it’s better than just sneakily putting the link on your name. In this case, your comment may be flagged as spam or worse, you could be banned from the site altogether.


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