Say it With Style and Write a Flippa Auction Description That Sells


I will be the first to admit that taking the time to write a description for a site flip, is not the most thrilling thing in the world but in the end I know that the time is well worth it. Think about it this way; if a buyer is shopping around for a site about golf and comes across two sites that catch their interest and both are relativity similar in all aspects, what will give one seller the edge over the other? A great presentation…and that is essentially what your description is. It is a sales pitch of what makes your site so spectacular. Write a great one and you may just beat out your competition; write a bad one and you probably just gave your bid away.

As you venture into writing a description for you site, remember that potential buyers don’t know you personally. Essentially, that means that they don’t know just how flipping awesome you are (see what I did right there?) and that you are going to have to work, if you’re going to convince them that you are. Therefore, creating a powerful, well written description is essential to gain a stranger’s confidence about your work.

How the description is presented will paint a picture for the buyer of what they can expect in terms of quality from you; good or bad. A well written description will show that you care about your work and that you present yourself in a professional manner. On the other hand, a sloppy, poorly worded, and confusing description will show lack of effort and portray that the quality of your site is no better than your description.

So that brings us to the question of what makes a good writer? Is it having a college degree from some fancy school? No (thank God). Is it having impeccable grammar and punctuation skills? It helps, but since the majority of people couldn’t tell you where a comma goes, or what a semi colon does, those skills only equal a small piece of the “good writing skills” pie.

How can I say this for sure? Well not to toot my own horn, but in college I always got A’s in English (okay maybe just one little toot) and I really excelled at it to the point that one of my English professors tried to convince me to become an English major. However, because I dreaded writing papers so much, I wondered how in the end I always ended up being so good at it. After analyzing my writing style, I realized that what caused me to create a well written paper, didn’t have a whole lot to do with my grammar/punctuation skills (yes it does help to have a decent foundation in the basics) but it was really much more about gathering my thoughts and at times stepping back and writing from someone’s else’s point of view instead of my own.

Here are a few tips that you can use to help write an outstanding description for your site flip. I took the same approach that I used in college that earned me those A’s (okay maybe that was another toot) and made it applicable to writing a site description.


Clarity of thought

It is extremely important to be clear about the message that you are trying to convey to buyers. If you don’t know what you are trying to say, how will they? Before you just start typing away, take a few minutes to jot down the major points about your site that are important for the buyer to know.

Organize Your Thoughts

Now that you know what you want to say, arrange it in an order that makes sense. If you jump around a lot in your description, it will appear confusing and sloppy. You want to make sure that site’s details flow nicely from one topic to the next. Here is how I like to organize the details of my description.

– Short description about the topic of the site.

– Google Stats about the keywords related to the niche.

– Anything special or unique about the site.

– Description of Revenue Streams

– Buy It Now Bonuses (this is only applicable if I’m using the BIN feature)

– Hosting Information

Be Concise

Most people are very busy and don’t want to read a lengthy description. Get your point across but stick to listing only the important facts that a buyer needs to know to make a purchase decision. If you take my advice and get clear on your thoughts first, you will have already sorted the important points from the unimportant points, so being concise should not be a problem.

Be Proactive

Put yourself in their shoes and pretend that you don’t have any knowledge about the site with the exception of what is written in your description. Then go and read back your description to yourself from their point of view. How does it portray your site? Does it make sense?

Remember, the only info they have about your site is what you put in your description and that you only get one shot to get your point across. If something is confusing to them, you won’t be standing next to them to clarify. At that point you have to hope that they are willing to take the time to send you a private message to ask for clarification, but will they, is the question? Of course some buyers will ask questions, and give you the chance to respond. However, think about it from a sales point of view, while they are waiting for your response, they may begin to lose interest and start to question if they really need your site after all. Whereas, if you do your best to be proactive and answer as many questions as you can before they even ask them, you are increasing your chances that they will immediately act on their interest and bid on your site.


I can’t stress this one enough. This is your chance to make sure that the description is as polished as possible. No matter how well your words may have flowed when writing your description, you’d be surprised when you go back and re-read it, how many little things you missed the first time. If you don’t proofread, you again risk appearing sloppy. You may think “so what if I missed a word here or there, it’s just a little detail.” Well those little details matter because neglecting those little details will translate to the buyer that you may have also been neglectful to detail when creating your site.

Okay, I know I have thrown a lot at you. If writing isn’t your strong suit, in the beginning it may be time consuming, but not doing it may cost you sales.

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