Microsoft Social Network

According to reports from Mashable , Microsoft is preparing their own social network project using the domain name Now I am not sure what most of you would think about it but I think we already have more than enough with the discussion related to Facebook and Google+.

Mashable did has posted an update though sayingMatt McGee of Search Engine Land got in touch with a Microsoftspokesperson who had this to say about “ is aninternal design project from one of Microsoft’s research teams whichwas mistakenly published to the web.” Microsoft has taken the site downand posted a message stating, “Thanks for stopping by. is aninternal design project from a team in Microsoft Research which wasmistakenly published to the web. We didn’t mean to, honest.” ]though I won’t put it behind Microsoft to say “Oh damn it, those onlinenews portal always have an ear anywhere” and making that sort of aboveexcuse for their slip up. lol..what do you think?

Oh just a heads up,about the recent domain sale , it was most probably bought by


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