Making Heads and Tails of the Flippa Tagging System

tagging system

The recently-introduced Flippa tagging system got off to a promising start, but site flippers soon discovered that the supposed welcome addition was not so helpful after all. And sellers being able to define their listings with whatever tags they feel like using is one reason why the system isn’t working. Let’s elaborate on that.[wpsm_toplist]

The Seller’s Side

Anyone who has little or no experience selling a site through Flippa would have a hard time figuring out what tags would best fit his listing. Well maybe he could always look at the Flippa tags report for a better idea of what would work, but for a first time seller, it wouldn’t be as easy as you would imagine. As a result, some sellers don’t improve their chances of getting their site sold because of the tags they use. “Football soccer” and “unique content” are only two of these tags which are of little use.

The Buyer’s Side

The Flippa tagging system is even less friendly for a buyer. As we’ve already established that sellers often fail to use the most appropriate tags for their listings, it becomes harder for a buyer to find the kind of sites he’s in search of. For instance, the tags “football soccer” and “unique content” mentioned above are common descriptions used by uninitiated sellers for sites about football soccer which have unique content. However, for purposes of getting a site sold, the tags “WordPress” or “AdSense” would have been more helpful if the sites are using the WordPress platform and AdSense to generate income.

For Flippa

The tagging system hurts Flippa as well because both sellers and buyers can no longer maximize their site flipping opportunities with a flawed system. There are about 230 tags that are being used now and more are likely to be added. A buyer would have to sift through all these tags to find exactly what he’s looking for, thereby decreasing the chances of a seller being able to successfully sell his website.

Some Suggestions

What can Flippa do to improve their system? Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Flippa can put a set of tags that would indicate the platform used for the site, e.g. WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, PHP, etc.;
  2. A set of tags could also be listed, indicating the monetization strategy the website uses, e.g. AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Product Sales;
  3. Then a third list of tags could also be set up, this time defining the niche or subject that the site for sale covers.

If the seller is able to enter the correct info for all three items, namely platform, monetization, and niche, sellers would be able to better define the websites they have for sale, and buyers would have an easier time finding the right site to purchase. There’s still hope yet that the Flippa tagging system can be a more useful tool for website flippers.

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