Is it Possible to Flip Websites in 24 Hours?

24 Hours

With so many people flocking to website flipping in order to make a quick buck, there are many misconceptions floating around. Out of those misconceptions, one of the most common (and often the most damaging) is the fact that you can buy a website, dress it up, and flip it in under hours! While this isn’t completely untrue, it does provide a skewed perception of website flipping, and that is something that you should definitely avoid.First and foremost it is important to understand that to successfully flippa website in 24 hours, you’d have to somehow be able to sell that website for less than you bought it within 24 hours.

The easiest way in which you can accomplish this is to buy a website that is blatantly undervalued on some website, and then sell it on another website for something that is much closer to its real value. Unfortunately, this can’t really be done consistently as it isn’t going to be very often that you find an undervalued website.So the only other way to flip websites in 24 hours is to somehow manage to enhance the value of a website over a 24 hours period so that it suddenly becomes more appealing than it used to be. Needless to say, 24 hours is fairly short span of time and it is certainly not enough for you to perform any drastic changes to the traffic or profit statistics of the website. Which means in turn that what you’re left with is performing largely cosmetic changes before you flip the website.Make no mistake however, some of these cosmetic changes could be great. Forex ample, if you bought a website with a really awful layout and decided to revamp it and then flip it you could probably make more simply because you managed to dress it up a lot better. Similarly, adding quite a lot of content (or pre-loading it into a scheduler) would definitely appeal to certain potential buyers.

These are the kinds of changes that you can easily perform in under an hour, and then just flip your website as slightly improved version of its former self.Cosmetic changes are really nothing to scoff at. If you show potential buyers exactly what you did, and let them in on the fact that your changes should help to boost conversion rates you should be able to cut a nice deal. Of course, it probably won’t be as much as you could get if you waited and performed other enhancements, but since you wish to flip website in 24 hours then you don’t exactly have the time for that.End of the day, while it is possible to flip websites in 24 hours, the truth is that with a little more patience and a willingness to wait for websites to ‘grow’ and ‘mature’, you could earn a lot more from website flipping!

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