How To Stop WordPress Comment Spammer

Today I’ll post a simple guide on how to stop wordpress comment spammer.Before that I would like to define what is a wordpress comment spammer.They are basically auto bots or real humans that leave unrelated commentsat your blog just to get exposure,backlinks and traffic to their site.I am sure most blogger including myself don’t mind comments linking totheir own site (some even encourage this) as long as they leave reasonable comment that will help to add quality discussion to the post.Now why wordpress? Thats basically because I use wordpress and familiar toit compared to other blogger platform.

Not to mention more than 70% Estimate use WordPress at their blogger platform.Some solutions are:a) Akismet wordpress plugin this is the default must have plugin that is perhapsthe most crucial of all wordpress blog.

This plugin is included by default in any new wordpress installation with together the most useless plugin(Hello Dolly). lol..b) Recaptcha wordpress plugin this plugin basically filters most comments and only allows human to comment. I have yet to seen any spam comments that managed to pass these 2 This is an additional trick I would like to add in case you didn’t know.

Registered users may pass the recaptcha plugin so make sure to limit your registered user option unless you allow multi blogging or other features.d) The last trick for today is that don’t allow spam comments even though they don’t link to their sites. Why you ask? That’s because once you approve their comments, any future comments will allow they auto approved comments allowing them to link the comments to their site as they wish.Well I think that should be all. If you have any other additional info that I may miss please leave a comment below.Until the next post,cheerio

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