How To Make A Fortune Selling Websites On Flippa-Not!

How To Make A Fortune Selling Websites On Flippa- Not!You can always tell the latest thing about Internet Marketing by finding out what all the Gurus are trying to sell Newbies. And their latest piece of work is about selling websites on Flippa. Believe me, selling decent websites is no picnic and as far as I’m concerned a waste of time. I’ve tried to sell two sites on Flippa recently.Not masterful sites but decent none the less with traffic and income.Site #1: Nice site in the home improvement niche, 1-1/2 years old, about 400 unique income per month.

Best offer I had was .Why would I sell a site making per month for 80 bucks? Waste of my time and expense .But this next one was really way off.Site #2: This was a 2 site package, and traffic and income of 2,000 unique and 0 per month, all organic through search and articles.I did PPC and the income went up to over 00 per month.The best offer was 94.00. Again, why would anyone sell a site this cheap that made 0 per month pure profit?I can earn that money in 2-1/2 months.In my opinion, selling real sites with traffic and income for a decent price is practically impossible on Flippa unless it’s some kind of business. Seems like the sites that sell well are new sites with a lot of flash but no traffic or income.In fact one line I used in one of the sales pitches was, “You want flash or cash?” Buy mine if you want the cash!The newbs are sucking those up like crazy from about 0 to 0 a pop.The designer probably spends a couple of hours making them.0 to 0 is a good price for a couple of hours of work.That would be a great business for someone good at building WP sites.

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