How to Check Fake PageRank {Flippa Warning}

I recently came across the auction of at Apparently the listing has 2 hours to go and the seller is selling it high due to 2 factors which is:

a) Adsense revenue

b) High pagerank PR6

Now the auction is suspicious as :

‘>> For the revenue, the screenshot shown is apparently the Adsense from the total of the account instead of only the domain name.

>>No reputable traffic statistics is given to prove the statistics.

>>Besides that the seller is also deleting comments at will.Apparently he is content to say that people at Flippa are not kids to buy fake PR for $$$$. So if you don’t know how to check for fake PR then you can easily fall to this trick.

The best way to check if that Page rank is fake or not is by:

1)  Install the SEOQuake addson.

2) Google the keyword “”.

The seller is using the PR to gain a higher bid and with the unproven ad sense revenue the listing is very suspicious indeed. Even though the seller is saying that the site was infected by a virus and redirected to a site, then what is his purpose to sell based on the PR. Its pretty obvious that he quickly wants to sell the site as soon as he sees it manages to get the fake PR.I recommend that the Flippa staff gets involve in this auction before someone gets lied to and cheated into buying the site based in the metrics discussed above.

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