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Flippa Blog recently posted about the difference between Flippa.com and Ebay.com and why would Flippa.com is the best alternative compared to Ebay.com in terms of selling and buying websites. Below is some key points highlighted in their post.

For Website Buyers

1.  Reduced Confidence:   No validation has occurred on eBay website listings to check that the seller actually owns the website being sold. Listings don’t go live on
Flippa unless they pass validation.

2. Limited Search Refinement: Search refinement on Websites for Sale in eBay is focused on arguably irrelevant attributes such as Condition (new or used website anyone?), whether the seller provides free shipping, and the largely irrelevant “Location”. Website buyers on Flippa have the ability to refine by key website attributes such as traffic, Google/Alexa rank, site/domain age, revenue or domain.

3.  Limited Website Details: When arriving at an auction, prospective website buyers on eBay are not given readily available website details such as site age or search engine performance. In fact, most listings struggle to provide the website’s URL. Flippa only provides details specific for websites or domains.

For Website Sellers

1. Auction Listing Process is Designed for Fridges: Sellers on eBay need to find the websites category before entering generic listing details. There is no ability to add attachments except for the need to manually upload the website’s screenshot.Listing on Flippa begins with your domain and then only requests information specific to websites we get a lot of information (including the screenshot) for sellers automatically.

2. Fewer Qualified Buyers: General merchandise buyers looking for white goods that somehow endup on your website listing are not the types of buyers to whom you want to sell given the likely pre- and post-sale overhead. Buyers on Flippa are only there to buy websites. We also empower website sellers to manually accept or reject bids on their listings to further qualify buyers prior to sale.

3. Lower Sales Rate Websites listed on eBay have a reduced chance of selling successfully. The guys at Go Beyond MLS did a study on website sales on eBay about a year ago and found a sales rate of less than 10%. Our own research shows that this has not changed much, while Flippa’s sales rate right now sits at 62%.

Any guesses on what the biggest difference is between eBay and Flippa?

Leaving the previous points aside, the biggest difference is that everyone working here at Flippa eats, breathes and sleeps websites everyone from our executive team down to the guy who writes the blog posts. For us, not much else matters.So while eBay are great for selling a lot of physical goods and doing some remarkable work in online-to-offline shopping and local commerce, it’s hard to accept that they’re the go-to destination for buying or selling websitesthis remains a crown we hold dear here at Flippa, and something we work hard every day on retaining by doing more to connect website buyers with website sellers.

As to test out the issue at Ebay.com, I suppose Flippa.com even tested out if a person can sell Ebay.com at Ebay.com itself.See the screenshot. Image is from Flippa Blog. The listing at Ebay.com has sinced been removed. However you can see the cached version here. Just Google “http://cgi.ebay.com/Ebay-com-sale-/300553691444” and press the cached link.

The seller is said to be from Australia (where Flippa is) and the location of the item (Ebay.com) is at San Jose, California, US (where Ebay is located at) eBay Inc.

2145 Hamilton Avenue

San Jose, California 95125

An interesting public stunt I must say. Personally I would have to say though that specifically for website,domain trading Flippa.com would be the best option but for selling anything else, Ebay.com has the upper hand. They have specific Ebay websites for different countries for heavens sake:)Seeing as Ebay is now starting to enforce certain policies about selling digital items (probably from the countless of Scam report etc) it is possible that they may longer allow domain and website sales. Take note Paypal.com which is owned by Ebay.com also does not cover chargeback for  digital items etc so its best to take Escrow.com if you are to handle a big tracsaction online. This service is regardless implemented in Flippa.com too.

I will talk about this aspect in the After Sales section in Flippa Secret ebook. Just an update the ebook had to be delayed due to several problems that I didn’t forsee.I will update the sidebar for you to download the free Flippa guide ebook when its completed.
Until the next post, cheerio

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