Flippa Clone Script

The above is a photo comparing the Nokia N 95 with its China clone counterpart. Looks pretty similar right but I can assure you that there is always a difference between a clone and an original. This post is intended to rank for Flippa Script and Flippa clone so I am sorry if this post won’t be able to satisfy your intent. Just thought I should brush up some of my SEO keywords targeting skills. I do have an advice for those looking such script though. Just forget
trying to get yourself a Flippa Clone or Script. You may just laugh it off but seriously it won’t worth the trouble.¬†You will most probably lose most of your time trying to jump into the wagon you think will bring you a fortune. Flippa was build not in one day but instead involved a lot of planning and marketing, not to mention they only owned an established market in the name of their past Website Marketplace at Site point.
Instead you may try and see some Flippa¬† Alternative and see how to market your site better that way. Anyway one can only gain success with a unique way of executing your idea. It doesn’t necessarily mean your idea must be unique. But your methods of executing it should be.Example: You want a place where people can buy sell website freely, instead of trying to get a Flippa Clone or Script maybe create a F B application instead to connect all interested parties. << This is just an example. I am sorry if some of the words just doesn’t make sense. That’s how most of my SEO posts turns up anyway. lol.. until the next time we meet or until I post. a a f p/s- bear with me here, I am going to mass post spam my post. Its my blog anyway so I don’t have any mod to monitor me so I don’t really care..

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