Flip Websites Using Website Broker

Once you have created or acquired a website that you want to flip you will at some point thing about selling it. It is important to think about exactly where you want to post your site for sale.Several factors can determine where you sell your site. Those include the quality of the potential buyers, the quality of the other sites for sale, the reputation of the site hosting the sales, the cost of posting a site for sale, and the traffic that the host site is generating for sellers. Having sold sites in several different places I can tell you that I have used all of the previously mentioned criteria to make my decision on where to post my site.One website you may want to consider is Website Broker.com. Website Broker has been in business online since 1997. Their website is very simple and easy to use. The sign-up process is quick.
They only require you to fill out a few fields initially to register with their site.You have the option to fill out a full profile after you join. Completing your profile is probably a good idea.Listing your site will probably take you less than 5 minutes. They have a two tiered site listing structure. A premiere site listing presumably for the more upscale sites, and a standard listing for the more budget conscious site flipper.The premiere site listing allows you to have your site listed in their database for 90 days. The cost for the premiere listing is $29.95. Their are several benefits to the premiere site listing. Your site will appear at the top of the category listings. Your site will appear 30 times more than standard (This is their claim and I am unable to verify). You can include a picture of your site in the listing as well.
The standard listing allows you to list for 90 days, same as the premiere listing, but that is the only similarity.The standard listing will cost you only $9.95.Your listing will appear below the premiere listings.Other benefits of listing your site for sale on Website Broker.com are the advantages of having thousands of buyers who visit the site potentially accessing your site listing. Website Broker.com does not receive any commission on the sale of the site. Listings can be updated at any time, and you are allowed to raise or lower your price at your discretion. Potential buyers will contact you directly via email, so there is no middle man.I did an unofficial count of the sites for sale and found that there are about 160 websites for sale in 28 categories.There are a wide range of prices displayed.
I also noticed that you can sell domain names on Website Broker.com.When creating a new site for sale, at the very top it will ask you to select a website listing or a domain name listing. Website Broker.com has a nice site look and feel. The cost for listing sites is very reasonable. I would definitely try it out if you are looking for some new places to sell your website.

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