3 Tips For Selling A Site With An Email List


If you’re planning on selling a website that includes an email list there are several things that you need to consider. Let’s look at three of the most important factors.First, you need to ensure that you can transfer the list to the buyer without any issues, particularly without everyone having to opt-in all over again. Most major auto responder services have fairly strict rules about how people can be added to a mailing list.In many cases, importing a database will require those people to confirm their subscription all over again. Which is rarely 100% successful. In fact, even if you give those people a good reason to confirm, such as some kind of freebie, you will likely only get 50-70% of them signing back up.
Many auto responder services will transfer a list to the buyer, as long as they have an account with them. This way the list is moved to their account intact, and there are no hoops for your contacts to jump through. If you’re not sure about this, check with your email service to see if they offer this service.The second thing to keep in mind is how your auto responder messages are written. Are they coming from you personally, or from “the website” with a more generic tone?If your name and signature is on them, you’ll want to ensure that the buyer changes them so stuff you have no control over isn’t going out with your name on it. You might even want to make these changes yourself, before you transfer the list to the site buyer, just to be sure.
The third thing to look for before transferring the list to the buyer is any redirected links that might be in the email series. If you use redirects to track clicks on affiliate links or other things in the emails, it’s a good idea to either replace them with bare links, or at least make a list of them for the buyer so they can go through and change them to their own links after they take over the list.While you might not mind getting paid affiliate commissions from those emails even after you’ve sold the site, it’s not a good way to create a positive relationship with the buyer. Your buyers can wind up buying multiple sites from you, so the more you can do to make the experience a good one, the more likely you are to have a repeat customer.

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