3 Things You Should Know Before You Learn How to Flip Websites

First of all, flipping websites is not new, not even close. The origin of site flipping came about when people that worked on a niche site for a long time were getting offers for sites they were longer interested in. So, imagine if you have 10 websites you kept working on and developed over time.

Now, imagine that 2 years later someone comes along and see that you have a nice established site that might need a new owner or new management…

You decide to offload a site you have been working on for years to free up some more of your time so you decide to accept whatever offer you get. Surprisingly, you are offered way more than you would ever think of asking for the site!

Why is this? Sites increase in value over time, but to the site owners, their sites can sometimes be like an albatross around their necks because it is demanding their time and attention.

  1. Also, site owners don’t really care too much about getting their money’s worth for a site when they would be happy just to unload one of their responsibilities to help them focus better.
  2. The second thing you should know is that site sellers are often times scammers that inflate the statistics and page rank of sites they are selling. They also sell multiple copies of the same site to the next buyers, leaving the original buyers thinking they walked away with an original site. If you want to know how to flip websites, you have to look for some tips on how to flip websites because it’s not for everyone.
  3. The third thing you should be aware of is that many site sellers are faking the PageRank of the sites they’re selling trying to get people hooked on this inflated PR

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